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Friday, January 07, 2005

Politics of the Day - Alberto Gonzales

The ideal that is (used to be) America shines a little less brightly every day.

My parents moved from the 3rd world to America for a better life. What does that mean? Partly, a life where being jailed and tortured without a somewhat fair trial by jury doesn't happen. Those of us that have had people close to us taken away and abused by thugs in uniforms understand the importance of the rule of law. In the 3rd world, many people have had this experience. It should never happen in the name of America.

Except with fascists like Al Gonzales in the service of a self-appointed Messiah, it already is happening in America's name - just like it happens in the 3rd world. How shameful and sad - what a betrayal of everything America used to be.

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