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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Politics of the Day

So it was homeless people on a cold night making fires for warmth that started the NYC subway fire. Amazingly, the NYT says:

"...Infuriated riders who need to vent their anger should understand that neither the station manager nor City Hall is the right target. The buck really stops at Gov. George Pataki's office. He appoints the people who run the M.T.A., and his proposed budget skimps on the kind of maintenance and infrastructure upgrading that could help prevent the disruptions subway riders are seeing this week."

Uh...this is a really stupid analysis. Actually, this is a very nice case of the hidden costs of no social welfare. Employing the counterfactual - these things don't happen as much in countries where people have some kind of safety net. So the buck stops at Social Security.

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