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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Selection Effects

A nice post from Venky about the so-called Wiki Wars - essentially, a nonevent, since competition often helps markets for emerging technologies grow. Remember the shape of the dominant design curve (a left skewed pseudo normal distrib) - until the curve peaks and the shakeout begins, competition is a sign that users are accepting your market. Anything otherwise would be, I think, a pretty bad sign.

Om thinks Wikis aren't gonna be big money-makers - I think I have to disagree. The potential market size for Wikis could be as big as a significant percentage of the KM market, which is (was) pretty big in it's heyday. So to call Wikis a minor play now is a bit premature - I'm keeping my fingers crossed about Wikis the way I did about blogs in 00. (Via Om).

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