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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Advertising Exchanges

"...With all the reading about micro-payment this and that that I've been seeing, it struck me that advertising really is a form of micro-payment.

Think about it. For many sites and many budgets, a single click over average may generate some income, but will usually be not only in the sub $1 range, but perhaps even less than that - perhaps in the sub $0.01 range. Over time it adds up, of course.

Now, let us think about it. What if we did something like said:
1) If you've registered, I'll let you look at my content.
2) If you're clicking through from a known referrer (not a search engine), I'll let you look at my content.
3) Otherwise, you have to look at an advertisement - hopefully not too intrusive of one, but an advert none-the-less."

This is a brilliant idea - excellent stuff. Maybe unwieldy in practice, but the most creative thing I've read about ad-supported ecosystems in a long time.

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