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Friday, February 11, 2005


CNet's new RSS aggregator. So, again, we come up against the problem of how to monetize RSS. CNet's move is protective - to embed greater switching costs into it's greatest resource (it's real estate). But it doesn't solve the monetization problem - because if CNet gloms ads onto Newsburst, it will be shooting itself in the strategic foot.

Is this a trend/will more publishers use RSS aggregators as protection mechanisms? Probably - but Publishing 2.0 (tags/RSS/open-access/etc) is moving fast enough that this is a nonissue.

Interestingly, economically, what we're seeing is value-destruction: readers appropriating gains (or surplus, if you like, in the form of 'free' info, or info without ads) at the expense of publishers, shrinking the total market size (for Net publishing).

Of course, creative destruction, Schumpeter, etc...

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