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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A great post about the music industry looking, in it's desperation, to begin monetizing videos:

"...OK, here are the big questions: 1) Are music videos content or just long commercials for music-based entertainment products? 2) If I skip commercials by a) walking out of the room, b) changing the channel and c) fast-forwarding my PVR (personal video recorder), why will I pay $3.99 to watch them at some reduced frame rate with reduced audio quality on a postage stamp-sized screen? 3) If I really want them, why won't I just download them for free to my WM9 compatible smart phone? 4) Just how many people have that kind of money?"

Highly recommended. (Via Unmediated).

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Its not the entire industry, just Universal Music -- which is the largest of the major labels (in the US, anyway).

THere's more on this here:
// Blogger Ritholtz // 3:07 AM

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