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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

iPod vs Razr

Nice post from Emergic about mobile phones subsuming media players, with evidence from Korea:

"... A more immediate threat to the iPod comes from the full-song master-ringtone service offered by KDDI (with DoCoMo and Vodafone sure to follow). It took KDDI's service only 48 days to achieve 1 million full-song downloads, despite being
available on only four handset models. As with polyphonic MIDI-based ringtones, the key to success for master-ringtones has been the ease with which songs can be downloaded straight to the phone."

You know, I think we should be looking a lot more at Korea for the next couple of years - obviously, people have been saying this for a while - but it's doubly important now that consumerization of digital media is beginning to really hit the inflection point in Europe and the US. Korea can give us some nice data points - like this one!

Also begs another question that's implicit in much of the investing in the mobile space these days - whether or not mobile devices will converge to a single Communicator (tm). This is much of the thesis behind players like Matrix and NewBay. If yes, as many argue, what's the next step? Is it application integration a la Good? Is it seamless connectivity to the Living Room a la Sony et al? No answers yet...

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