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Friday, February 25, 2005

Media 2.0

OK. A group of fans in Germany make a movie of their fav book. It's almost hilariously bad. Which might make you dismiss this.

Except that the economics of several industries are discontinuously jumping in the other direction: for prosumers to be able to produce moderately high-quality movies with a minimum of learning, technology, and production costs. And for other to distribute and market them cheaply. And for others still to remix them, etc...

This is Media 2.0 disrupting Media 1.0 - an almost textbook example which, I think, deserves a lot more discussion. (/.)

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Interesting stuff...also saw an interview of John Sloss recently on Charlie Rose where he mentioned raising money on the Internet by fans of a particular Indy film director, and how this phenomenon can disintermediate big studios.
// Blogger Mahashunyam // 2:25 AM

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