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Friday, February 25, 2005

Politics of the Day

Michelle Malkin thinks music = self-mutilation:

"There is even a new genre of music -- "emo" -- associated with promoting the cutting culture."

I'm no big fan of emo (as a matter of fact, it drives me nuts), but please, please, dear Townhall editors, fire Michelle Malkin. You've just succeeded in making your publication look stupid to, well, everyone in the universe under the age of 30.

Uhhh...and the Post thinks Condi is hot. No kidding.

-- umair // 12:49 PM // 1 comments


That whole article about what Condi wears pisses me off. Somebody dedicated resources to writing those useless musings, and then tried to make it sound worthy by inserting tag lines such as "sexy but powerful" or "feminine empowerment".

First, we can get past the point that women are as capable as men, regardless of what they're wearing. I think most rational people would agree to this. So why not write an article that actually has some insight? For example, why not write something about how ridiculously hypocritical it is for anybody from the Bush administration to talk about giving Lebanon the right to self-determination only one year after they invaded a sovereign country and dicacted the terms of its future? I don't care if Condi is wearing lingerie, the stuff that spills out of her mouth is still rubbish.

Mind you this is typical (American) media. I.E. let's not cover the facts or even explore the story, let's just focus on some insignificant little detail that can be spun in a light hearted "not have to get anybody thinking" type manner.
// Blogger dhd // 8:07 PM

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