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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Connectivity Wars

A nice piece in the Times today:

"...Mr. Martikovic, 30, a junior architect who relies on a cellphone for his normal calling, says he never uses the desk phone - but he pays $360 a year to keep it hooked up.

"I have to pay for a service I'm never using," he said.

He has no choice. His telephone company, SBC Communications, will not sell him high-speed Internet access unless he buys the phone service, too."

File under: Muni WiFi market drivers, telco strategy decay, FCC vs the People.

lso note that what kill the telcos time and time again is not technology - the new fiber initiatives is not the answer. What does it is strategy decay, time and time again - their strategies are almost (hilariously) perversely misaligned with market needs, tech shifts, industry boundary blurs. By now, I'd guess it's a case of inertia - been down so long, don't know which way is up.

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