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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Markets are Discussions

So I've been too busy to blog for the last few days. I'm just catching up now, and I find this comment from Macromedia in answer to my post viz the Yahoo bundling thing:


Sorry if we haven't communicated about this well.

We are not actually bundling the Y! toolbar with the Flash Player. We always have the Flash player install as small and transparent as possible. 95%+ of people get it through the transparent install process. A few percent of folks choose to come to our website. On our website we make the optional offer for folks to get the Y! toolbar.

So, while we didn't make this clear enough and have to make sure we do...the story is: this is a website offer, not a bundle with the Flash Player. We are working to make this much more clear and feel pretty dumb for sending such the wrong message.

BTW, Y! is one of the top users of the Flash technologies in the world, and is doing some very cool stuff (see Yahoo Instant Messanger, and much more to come). This is a multifaceted partnership that I think will be really cool.


Now, I haven't had time to check out the details of David's reply. But they don't really matter. What's waaay cooler is the response itself.

Not because I particularly wanna talk to Macromedia, but because it's the opening of the channel so information can flow in both directions. Finally, we're getting beyond the false dichotomy of push vs pull to real conversation. That's where cool things like radical innovation happen - so big, big kudos to Macromedia for the comment. There aren't many firms with either the stones or the sensors to be able to do it.

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