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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Advertising 2.0 = Advertising 1.0


"...the way forward for advertisers to reach consumers would be to use wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptop computers and the BlackBerry e-mail devices favoured by travelling corporate executives on the go

...To reach them, agencies will have to develop content so engaging that mobile phone users will it seek out - a tall order.

�You have no way to interrupt because they can choose what they can do,� Mr Robertson said. �The opportunity is if you can create some content that they want to engage with, they can do that all of the time from anywhere."

Close, but no cigar. This thinking will lead to agencies having virals wars. What users will actually want, I suspect, is content they gain benefits from - not just that they engage with.

If you don't get the distinction think about seeing a plug for a viral on MeFi vs seeing profile-targeted ads tailored to your info consumption preferences in your favorite RSS aggregator.

Which is it more likely that you will gain benefits from? I strongly suspect the latter - it will point you to info, services, or products you are interested in. Whereas the former may just be, well, all style, but little substance.

Put another way, the value-prop of the latter is more efficient, not only because it's cheaper to produce, but also because you (and so the advertiser) realize greater benefits. (Via Unmediated)

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