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Monday, April 18, 2005

Genome Economy

"...blood samples are shipped to a California lab run by MetaMorphix Inc., of Beltsville, where they are run through a genotyping machine that quickly analyzes the animals' DNA. If it shows the genetic traits to produce the tender, thickly marbled beef that fetches top prices, it will get an extra few weeks of fattening on an expensive, high-energy diet. Otherwise it's off to a life munching cheap grass and hay, and a strong possibility of being ground into a meat pie."

Thought-provoking article. Is this perfect information? How much is perfect information worth? What will the unintended consequences be? A nice application of genetics without the stigma of GM.

(My answers: no, max[efficiency savings, relative value], homogenization opens up new market niches for 'real' beef)

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