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Monday, April 18, 2005

Media 2.0

Nice article about newspapers being disrupted by the Net, with some nice data points:

"...Craigslist makes its money by charging $25 to $75 to post help-wanted ads on sites focused on the San Francisco Bay area, New York and Los Angeles, but most of its ad postings remain free.

By comparison, a comparable classified ad in a major newspaper might cost as much as $700, according to a study commissioned last year by Classified Intelligence, a media consulting group. The same study estimated Craigslist deprived Bay Area newspapers of $50 million to $65 million in annual revenue."

Of course, the deeper point is that the economics of the Net are superior for hyperdifferentiated content like classified, and so newspapers have to evolve new content strategies, or make the shift to either end of the atomized value chain (as discussed below).

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