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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Europe vs Innovation, Pt 281734

Part of the problem with Europe and innovation is that there are few cultural drivers - there's no Wired, for example.

No, the Reg does not even begin to be a cultural driver - it's an antidriver, a just helps keep geeks, droids, and beancounters separated.

But the other part of the problem is that the rest of the media is still fairly naive about tech. Like the Guardian, for example.

Despite all of their (worthy) efforts - which I think are great - for some mystifying reason, they still publish articles which are basically BSA press releases.

-- umair // 10:20 AM // 2 comments


Why would you think that Wired wasn't available on-line in Europe? This blog is also available on-line there.

Europe is closer to Media 2.0 than the U.S. and is in a position to be better wired for it when it arives.
// Blogger J Andrew Morrison // 6:32 PM

Come on dude.

Wired is an American pub, and focuses heavily on US stuff. That's kind of obvious.

Look, having been fairly close to the heart of European innovation, take it from me - Europe is so NOT closer. It's light-years behind.

All of the .com 2.0 plays that are driving next-gen media are American (or Canadian, if you count Flickr).
// Blogger umair // 6:36 PM

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