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Monday, June 06, 2005

Hagel, Goldhaber, and Attention

John Hagel has a blog. You should read it - John is an old-school e-commerce strategy guru. His thinking has informed a lot of my arguments.

He has a great post about Media 2.0, citing my presentations, relating them to Goldhaber's Attention Economy.

I read Goldhaber a while back - and while I agree with the premise somewhat, and, like John says, I guess it's kind of unconsciously informed my notion of a coming era of attention scarcity, the thing that turned me off about the book was the latter two-thirds.

Goldhaber's strategic advice, I thought, was kind of mystifying - IIRC, he said everything has to become a 'performance' with everyone as an 'actor'.

I think this is exactly the wrong thing to do, because in a networked economy, where consumption externalities reveals consumers' satsifaction with the goods they've chosen, to put it bluntly, bs walks.

Investing in quality is a dominant strategy, and investing in 'performance' - ie marketing - gets easily dominated, because viral and network effects are superior economic forces to marketing scale/scope economies.

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"old-school" . . . ?
// Blogger John Hagel // 2:14 PM

Uh oh. Looks like I've managed to offend one of my intellectual heroes.

Not old-school as in...uhh...obsolete - old-school as in you've been thinking hard about this stuff since it began to happen, and I only started relatively recently (so you're somebody I pay attention to).

Old-school as in Grandmaster Flash, not as in Vanilla Ice (to use a terrible analogy).

Either way, apologies.
// Blogger umair // 2:45 PM

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