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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Man Who Killed Blogging

Glenn Reynolds:

"...Quite a few bloggers are moving beyond opinion journalism into firsthand reporting. On my own weblog, I feature firsthand reports, often with photos, from places like Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. My "correspondents" are correspondents in the original sense -- people who correspond -- rather than in the modern sense of people with good hair and a microphone."

Ha ha. OK - let's not get carried away. No one the planet really believes that Glenn Reynolds is...uhh...some kind of actually objective editor interested in facts, for god's sake.

This is a small case of one of the big problems with micromedia: hyperpolarization. People can consume only what already know they want to consume. So how do preferences ever change? How are people exposed to perspectives that challenge them?

Obviously, the answer is that there's still going to be room in the market for mass media - but it has to do a much more effective job of challenging and stimulating people. Just don't tell Instapompous.

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