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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Oxfam has been producing some excellent work on policy analysis, especially on agricultural trade and the Doha Round. See these:

A Round for Free : How rich countries are getting a free ride on agricultural subsidies at the WTO
Food aid or hidden dumping? Separating wheat from chaff
Kicking down the door How upcoming WTO talks threaten farmers in poor countries

I wish there were many more instances of such engaged policy analysis from liberals around the world to help negotiate truly free trade in the Doha Round. Hopefully, that just might prevent poor countries from losing the farm at WTO.

Note to the fair-trade organic double soy latte sipping crowd : be careful what you wish for - in a world without WTO, rich countries will be screwing over poor countries with impunity and without absolutely any compunctions. Look at the "negotitions" in CAFTA, for example - those poor suckers in Central America are getting robbed in broad daylight. Negotiating with someone like the US that has such a huge asymmetric economic and information power over them has less chance of resulting in a favourable outcome for them than a snowball in hell. So stop throwing stones at McDonalds and really help the poor by telling rich country governments to stop destroying livelihoods in poor countries through this charade of "free" trade. It's about time that poor countries were allowed to leverage their comparative advantages in a well-institutionalized regime of real free trade to fight the twin scourges of poverty and hunger around the world.

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