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Friday, July 22, 2005

Connected Consumption

I have no time to blog today, but this paper by Henry Jenkins is absolutely essential Media 2.0 reading. This paper is absolutely killer - free of a lot of the fluff that makes so much media theory irrelevant for me - highly, highly recommended (Via Foe Romeo - bolding's mine).

"...Soap talk, Baym notes, allows people to 'show off for one another' their various competencies while making individual expertise more broadly available. Fans are motivated by epistemaphilia - not simply a pleasure in knowing but a pleasure in exchanging knowledge. Baym argues that fans see the exchange of speculations and evaluations of soaps as a means of 'comparing, refining, and negotiating understandings of their socioemotional environment.'

...The old commodity space was defined through various forms of decontextualization, including the alienation of labor, the uprooting of images from larger cultural traditions so that they can circulate as commodities, the demographic fragmentation of the audience, the disciplining of knowledge, and the disconnect between media producers and consumers. The new information space involves multiple and unstable forms of recontextualization. The value of any bit of information increases through social interaction."

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