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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dot Com 2.0

NumSum - for the (repressed) beancounter in you.

Highly recommended - not so much for the idea, but it has one of the coolest, simplest, most functional ajax interfaces I have probably ever seen (no kidding). Many 2.0 plays could (should) take a page out of their design book (Wondir and the new Technorati, which forces me to keep...clicking to get info, are two designs that spring to mind).

Actually, if I think about the idea, with a few tweaks, I think one could approach traction...but I think it's just a toy, I'm not sure how seriously the coder(s) are.

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Point taken :) Technorati's UI has changed wildly in the last few months, ours has slowly morphed as well, slightly more towards simplicity (bear with us, we're still an angel-funded g-roots startup), one thing we know for sure: we have to get out of frames, which was an unfortunate necessity to get the Jabber-powered presence-detecting on-site IM to work, so people could ask and answer by IM onsite without downloading anything, no cinch, but we're sure there's a way around the frames-requirement and several solutions are brewing. Thx for keeping an eye on us, we're certainly open to any thoughts you have and have taken your previous post on us to heart.

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