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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

London vs Innovation, pt 373173

Something I've talked about a lot, but Tom, in fact, writes The Canonical Post.

I think all of what he says is true; interestingly, I am getting pulled back to the Valley, despite a lot of effort to kickstart things in London.

The real problem in London, is social capital - the innovation community here has built none. OTOH, everytime I come to the Valley, my social capital skyrockets, not because I'm a superstar, but just because the Valley is superconnected, and everyone's meeting everyone else all the time - which is how cool things happen, when you come down to it.

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Om thinks the axis of technology innovation is shifting away from valley to somewhere here in Asia.

what's your thought on that, why don't you move to where the action is going to be instead of where it is currently :)
// Blogger Rajan // 4:14 AM

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