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Saturday, July 09, 2005

London vs Terror: London Wins

The NYT says:

"...London remained jittery on Saturday with bomb scares and security alerts forcing people to be evacuated from places such as King�s Cross station � one of the scenes of the attack."

Funny. My friends/family in the States are far more worried and panicky than most of my friends/family in London. This is driven by the radically different tone in media coverage, I think. I dont' think American media are giving you guys an accurate picture. New Economist says it best:

"...The most remarkable thing about London today is how unremarkable it is. Though trains and buses were less busy than usual for a Friday morning, London appears more or less back to normal as people go about their business."

As many people are beginning to point out, this is a bit of a tipping point for citizen journalism/open source media. You would have thought that the old media dinosaurs would have gotten a bit of a clue from the micromediasphere. Describing London as "jittery" is simply inaccurate - I've been (really) amazed at how calm people have remained, and how resolute everyone is to simply not let terror terrorize:

"...If many were proud of London for winning the Olympics on Wednesday, I was much more so yesterday. There was no panic on the streets amid all of the confusion, no sense of despair despite the chaos. People were getting on with it, walking to work or back towards home, on the mobile making arrangements for their children and checking that everybody else was all right.

It was the sort of resilience that gives you renewed faith in humanity and reveals that, despite all the fashionable worries about trauma and damage in our therapeutic society, we do have the inner strength to face adversity. After the many rather artificial and staged displays of human solidarity we have witnessed over the past week, London yesterday showcased the real thing."

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