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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

scoopt - citizen journalism pt.2, now with photographs!

This will be interesting in light of the troubles the LA Times went through with their wiki-attempt, and the "pirate's haven" Google's video service is encountering. Except that since submitters incur an initial cost (ala mobile-connection fees), there is a disincentive to spam/blitz the service with photos of anything and everything.

(please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that in Europe, you pay per mobile-photo upload? In Japan, some providers offer an unlimited flat-fee - which would make the above point moot :)

The key will be matching a photo with a news-worthy event. If there were a way to tag a photo before sending it - or even better, if the photo came with a timestamp and GPS coordinates - journalists could just search for a catalog of photos during a specific event and not rely so much on some sales person.

Someone please report back with their experience!

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Thanks for your interest in Scoopt!

The point about members incurring a cost is partially true, in the sense that there is usually a charge for sending MMS or email messages from a mobile phone (although often you can get a number of free messages included within your monthly contract tarif). But in fact we also allow and indeed encourage members to upload their photos directly through the Scoopt website, and this is entirely free (as of course is membership in the first place).

There is also a real disincentive for people to flood us with anything and everything, which is that Scoopt is not a sharing site. In other words, when you send Scoopt a photo, nobody else is going to see it... unless we make a sale and it gets published.

We believe that photo sharing services are fantastic, but we're doing something quite different. Scoopt is there to represent the amateur who just happens to capture a unique, newsworthy event on their camera and wants to get a good price with the minimum of hassle.

All the best

Kyle MacRae
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:05 PM

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