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Monday, August 22, 2005

Discovery vs ...

So the notion of 'discovery' has been gaining traction amongst the digerati in the last few months (uhh...again, that is).

I think discovery is a not-so-great term because it conflates two concepts which should be disaggregated if you wanna understand what's really going on.

Let me put it this way. In a Media 2.0 world, if we're talking about discovery, what is it that we're discovering? Blogs? Entries? Sentences? Podcasts? People? All of the above?

The point is that 'discovery' conflates plasticity and attention allocation. I think disaggregating the two lets us see that half the problem in 'discovering' micromedia is that it's plastic.

If you make this distinction, you can come up with cool ideas like Flock - which is fundamentally about plasticity (and how it can, when leveraged, actually drive efficient attention allocation, instead of otherwise, which is a brilliant insight, if you ask me).

Preferences usually aren't as plastic micromedia - which is why we increasingly need reconstructors to de/reconstruct casts to us. But this isn't the same as 'discovering' what we like.

I have the same problem with 'relevance', but that's another story...

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