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Friday, August 12, 2005

Open-Source Valuation

I spent a few mins making a really (really) basic spreadsheet for Web/Media 2.0 comps at NumSum.

I'd like to open it up for everyone to add to and play with - you should feel free to change any numbers (most of which are probably inaccurate at the moment), structure, add more data, etc. The username/pass is comps/comps - have fun.

-- umair // 11:05 PM // 2 comments


Hi umair,

I am little intrigued and keep wondering that your blog with superb quality posts(one of my personal favourite) does not contain very many comments.
I think every post is worth a discussion/converstion but few happen.
I have seen many mediocre blogs having huge comments in their lists.

Do air whats your view on this, maybe my observation might be inaccurate on this one:)
// Blogger Rajan // 5:54 AM

Hi Rajan,

Interesting point - I think the reason is that many of my readers *can't* talk about many interesting things (legal requirements for new startups, etc), whereas I can :)
// Blogger umair // 5:44 PM

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