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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Tom rocks some serious innovation - essential reading, file under Net (Social) goes Physical.

-- umair // 2:24 PM // 3 comments


It's obviously innovative...well more evolution that revolution.

Something about it rubs me the wrong way however. It's kind of hard to verbalize. The whole concept seems some what opposite of where music is heading in terms of individually defined content delivery (think podcasting or satellite radio). I just don't see many people sitting around with their cell phones, sending text messages, while listening to the radio. It is also restricted to one radio station I would assume and I'd also assume that if you were to expand the service, you'd need to have individual texting numbers for each station. This just becomes cumbersome. A better interface I think, would be a button on a radio or a satellite radio reciever that automatically records the song details when pressed and logs them on the net for you.
// Blogger dhd // 5:43 PM

the radio receiver would have to become a transceiver or stick a usb interface on it...sat radios are capable of this, i think.
// Blogger dhd // 5:44 AM

sure, the point is not the thing itself - it's the slow extension of the net to newer domains i think is cool.

i think the 'button' you're talking about is just tailoring the idea for context.

also, your idea is interestingly close to a hardware version of, which is actually pretty cool if you think about it.
// Blogger umair // 4:40 PM

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