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Friday, September 23, 2005

New Stuff

Hi folks, since there seems to be a bit of discussion about the charts I uploaded last week, I've decided to upload the ppt (224 kb) they're taken from.

It's a work in progress - a shorter, friendlier synthesis of my denser stuff on media/web 2.0 econ, with new concepts thrown in (edge competences and new scale economies), as well as data to help make things more concrete. Yes, this means more irritating charts :)

A couple of caveats:

1) I crunched what limited public data there is. If you have better stuff you'd like to share, I'm happy to revise. YMMV with respect to conclusions - my girlfriend the hardcore econometrician laughed me out of the room since I have <1 billion data points. Of course, if I waited that long, Web/Media 2.0 would be as obsolete as a Brick.

2) This is a work-in-progress. Unlike much of my other stuff, this ppt is very much unfinished (and so I'm a lil hesitant to share). Stuff I'm in the process of adding/sorting - definitions, more examples, and a better setup (in terms of explaining returns to scale).

3) The goal is to inject some fresh thinking into the discussion about what we should be looking for in media/web 2.0 plays - not to claim my answers are necessarily the right or only ones.

Enjoy - and since I'm sharing my work with you, consider dropping me a few bucks via PayPal, even if it's just Starbucks money. Emails telling me how cool you think my stuff is are always appreciated, but cash is appreciated even more.

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