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Friday, September 23, 2005

Prediction Markets

Hi guys, this post about Google's use of internal prediction markets reminds me that I coded a prediction market a while back.

I would like to repurpose and rerelease it, but I have no time. So I am looking for an intern to get involved. This means minor code tweakage, possibly a bit of AJAX, and some new graphics. So you should have somewhere between tiny-l33t m@d web guru skillz.

It won't be a huge amount of work, and you can help set up what will be a pretty cool project which will get a fair amount of exposure. If you'd like to help me with this, drop me a line.

-- umair // 4:31 PM // 2 comments


hi umair,

I had sent you a mail at gmail hoping to get any reply :-)
// Blogger Rajan // 7:01 AM

The WebWorks team would like to take a shot at the project. If there is a commercial application at some point we would simply want half of the deal. If this works for you we can a spec built and let the coders go at it. Alexander Muse 214.550.2003
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:29 PM

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