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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bubblegen 2.0

Hi everyone. Thanks for your nice and encouraging emails + comments. I appreciate them a great deal.

Here's what I'm thinking of adding to bubblegen: a monthly research report (currently focused on web/media 2.0), including new ppts (1 or 2), 5-6 in depth analytical pieces, and detailed profiles/analyses of new startups/m&a events.

Don't worry, the blog won't go away - this is a complement, not a substitute.

If you're a regular reader who might buy this as a corporate rather than personal service, can you let me know if you'd be interested - and if not, why not? Don't worry, you won't be on the hook for anything - it would just help me a great deal to know if it's even a marginally viable project before jumping in.

-- umair // 5:43 PM // 6 comments



I love and use your stuff, but the truth is that you need an interpreter. That, I might pay for.


// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:51 PM

i'm assuming this is a digital product and not a physical one? (i.e. not something you are printing and mailing out)

if it is digital, i personally would need more than just content to consider signing up. i'd need a private discussion environment to discuss the articles i purchased, and to pick your brain on the parts that i dont understand (i usually have to read your entries a few times, even then i often just give up).

but i'm excited at the prospect. your blog entries are pretty damn good -- i'm confident a premium subscription offering would be even better!
// Blogger kid mercury // 7:58 PM

I would pay some nominal amount for a premium subscription. While a microeconomics fan, I also find your stuff a bit intense and would love to get more insight and explanation into some of your leaps of logic.

I am a personal subscriber type, and won't pay too much, even though your insight is worth alot... maybe you should have a corp acct and then individual accts.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:50 PM

I'd certainly be willing to pay along the lines of $10 a month for your blog. I value it that much, though that might be a bit steep for others.

This would be for personal use, though I am attempting to start a business or two on the side. One is nearly live (just some basic legal things have to be cleared up), and the other is just in brain-storming/alpha mode. A lot of the thinking that's going into them, especially the second idea, has come from your work.

I can't recall when I started reading your blog, but it's been at least for the past two years. You're several notches above me in terms of economic education (just minored in it here), and speak to that degree which interests and stimulates me tremendously. To see you "get it" so long ago with everything coming to light pretty much now is quite remarkable.

If you're ever interested in starting a business, I'm very interested in possibly partnering with you (lots of if's there, but I like what I see thus far). I have some cash on hand, though am more along the lines of bootstrapping rather than burning through $$$. If it's not profitable in the very beginning, what's going to make it profitable after you spend $5 million on it?

Either way, if it came to it, I�d hire you as a consultant any day if the situation ever arose.

-Dave Gallagher (
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:30 PM


I work for a corporate who would pay for the analysis you describe but, like other commenters here, I would prefer if the language and explanations were a bit more user-friendly (I don't think I mean dumbed-down but..)

// Blogger Dave King // 12:47 AM

The problem is that Web 2.0 is a such an abstract construct of which most people have insuperable problems getting a grasp. What people don't get they don't buy - do they?

I would personally invest in something like a monthly R&D report. 50-60 euros per year would not be bad. To go with that I'd appreciate a discussion forum.

// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:20 AM

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