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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Bubblegen Laptop Fund

Guys, disaster has struck. I dropped my laptop and it broke. I need a new one to get anything done, but I'm kind of broke.

So I'm launching a fund with a target of $1k. That's less than fifty cents from each of my regular readers, or $100 from 10 of you. If you can contribute (PayPal), I appreciate it.

-- umair // 4:56 PM // 11 comments


Would you consider using something like Fundable to raise a specific amount for an exact model?
// Blogger Gordon Mohr // 5:45 PM

You will make more money with your google ads if you change the background color to white and make the text look more like your site's text. The "ads by Google" at the top is enough to set them apart.
// Blogger A.Q. // 6:20 PM

Sell Text Links.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:56 PM

agree with gojomo; fundable's the way to go for this one ... also - not sure what h/w you'r buying but I've dropped my Powerbook (G412") more than once ... without it braking - I cant recommend apple's laptops highly enough (just dont do dell) ... lastly, I'd recommend actually replying to the job offers you receive if you're interested in changing your financial status ... ;-)
// Blogger Unknown // 8:37 PM

None of your tip jar buttons seem to work?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:09 PM

Where do we send the cash to? I'll gladly donate.
// Blogger David // 11:30 PM

BTW, here's a pretty good deal on a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop:$756_cheap_sale_wholesale
// Blogger David // 11:32 PM

avoid the Dell Inspiron 6000 and its crappy motherboard/CardBus combinations, he says typing this entry on a Dell Inspiron 6000...
regards Lindon.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:25 AM

Where do we donate?
// Blogger Gen Kanai // 4:12 AM

i'm in for a fundable type of approach, as long as it's easy (quick) to contribute...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:02 PM

hey guys,

thanks for your donations. i feel kind of bad asking, but i'm in a tight spot.

will set up a fundable tonight - great idea.

everyone that donates gets a sponsored post (figured you should get something), so lemme know what topic you want me to write about.
// Blogger umair // 9:38 PM

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