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Friday, October 14, 2005

Next Big Things

Forget about Ning, the future is Kiva: coordination economies, microchunking into new domains (in this case, capital formation), and disrupting markets and regulatory structures in the process. Seriously, unspeakably, awesome.

-- umair // 6:38 AM // 4 comments


This is pretty cool. It'd be interesting to see if this idea can be extended to countries in the Indian SubC.
// Blogger Mahashunyam // 5:21 PM

Interesting to compare with Unitus (
// Blogger Composing // 5:43 PM

not very interesting at first glance. the idea is good and wholesome, but the flavor isn't tasty. I imagine it could be made more appealing and fun, but I don't have any concrete ideas. More transparency to the loan recipient experience subsequent to loan might make it more rewarding.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:09 PM

Actually Unitus CEO, Geoff Davis, was one th first members on Kiva's Board of Directors.

Since Kiva looks to the Field Partners (MFIs) to ensure culturally relevant impact for micro-entrepreneurs, the Kiva model is applicable anywhere in the world MFIs can exist.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:21 AM

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