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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Profiles - Squidoo (Social Search)

Entry into the social search space is accelerating. Squidoo reminds me a lot of Jeteye. The basic model appears to be very similar (Jeteye - 'Jetpaks'; Squidoo - 'Lenses'), so I think I'll refer you to my Jeteye profile.

What's most interesting about this space, actually, is that there's not more interest. Wondir was acquired (not a huge acquisition, but some validation, nonetheless) in pretty short order - IMHO, guys like Squidoo and Jeteye are not fully leveraging peer production (but Wondir is, because their model is fully decentralized).

That said, it's important to note that Godin's behind Squidoo, which means the concept is probably going to evolve seriously over the next few months.

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My thoughts on Squidgy

Sort of like Seth Godin�s Squidoo ...

Read the whole debate here
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