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Monday, October 03, 2005

Smarminess vs Sharing

Ian thinks I sound smarmy. He's probably a little right. So let me first apologize, and then explain.

I've been kind of frustrated. Until recently, I was a PhD student - and about as poor as you'd expect one to be. I never really thought too much of bubblegen - it was just a place to keep my notes and share stuff I thought was cool. Recently, I've shifted to looking for a full-time gig, and having been paying more attention to what happens with my thoughts and ideas.

Now, I think kind of the same thing that happened to Rafat is happening to me - for him, it was the WSJ grabbing his posts, and turning them into articles; for me it's my ideas gaining a lot of currency, but me not getting much in return.

For example, I can't (afford to) go to Web 2.0, which is something I'd very much like to do. That sucks - most of you guys will be there, but I won't.

So where's the incentive for me to share? I'm not really sure.

That's why I haven't been posting very much, and why my last few posts have been kind of smarmy (yeah, I admit it).

Basically, I'm rethinking the whole idea of bubblegen, FWIW. So, no posting for a while until I figure out a better way to balance what to share and what not to, and with whom - sorry :(

-- umair // 8:45 PM // 9 comments


It would be a shame to lose your blog.

Your writing and thoughts just about convinced me to go back and get a degree in economics. I feel totally empowered by reading your ideas to better understand the web world we live in.

As a fan of your page, I even bookmark the cool websites you highlight as "bubbles."

Anyway, forgive my gushiness, just my nature.

Do please let us know where we can keep up with you if you decide to close down the blog. I know email... but dude you're to smart for me to converse with, I just need to read and learn!
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:04 AM

surely you jest. there are a number of ways you could make money (and probably a lot of money), but they all require more work in addition to a free blog. such as:

1. offer online consulting to companies, or even offer to create personalized strategy reports.

2. get a mailing list going, sell a subscription newsletter.

3. write a book, sell to your blog audience (i'd buy it!).

4. put together an online course in web 2.0 strategies.

i'd love to help you out if you needed any.
// Blogger kid mercury // 2:32 PM

Bubblegen is one of the coolest blogs on the web. Yours is the only one I make sure to read every bit.

Kid Mercury is right with his suggestions. I think consulting would probably be the easiest to get started on. And I think a bubblegeneration book would rock!

It takes a few months for word to spread that you're available, so don't give up hope so soon. :-)
// Blogger Dan // 8:18 PM

First, congrats on the doctorate thing- well done.

Second, even if you stop posting here, don't hide your unique voice. These insights are wonderful. Find a way to get the news out. This makes me think about (gasp!) doing the PhD thing myself.

Third, think about the consulting space. I love to help too!
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:24 PM

If you can't afford to go to Web 2.0, you should AT LEAST go to the free parties with free beer and free networking with awesome Web 2.0 companies.

Here are some examples:

Party connections worked for me! ;)

// Blogger miss rogue // 12:49 AM

hope you will figure out an alternative very soon :-)

As said by kid mercury & dan I would buy the book too and in any ways I can help I would love to :-)

// Blogger Rajan // 1:10 AM

found your blog a few weeks ago and have forwarded to many people as one of the best resources on web 2.0...

whats the point of being a thought leader if you don't publish? i reckon you could charge for the ppt tho.

hope you keep going - you ideas have helped me clarified my own thinking immensely...

// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:35 AM

This blog has been a wonderful resource and the inspiration for many brainstorms of my own. One of the wonderful things an academic mindset can do is make a person delve into unexplored territory, stir it up a bit, and see if anything pops out. One of the horrible things an academic mindset can do is cause one to feel lost in a sea of vague hypotheses.

If I look at some of the most successful Web 2.0 biz-bloggers, such as Seth Godin, what they do is have a point. Maybe two. And really nail it, over and over again.

You might consider going the "teaching people gently" route; which I think would be a shame (because your insights are terribly helpful to out-of-the-box thinkers); but they might attract the attention of business decision makers who need assurance a firm direction.

Just my 2c

Keep up the good work, no matter which direction you go.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:31 AM

A defeatist attitude will get you no where. Its never a case of not having enough resources. Its about being passionate enough to find the resources you need to accomplish your goals and making the most of the skill set you have to obtain those resources. Everyone has a day when they feel like giving up. Your blog is great. Keep posting. You'll find a way to generate some capital from it.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:32 AM

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