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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tagging vs The Social

Now that the big boys have quietly (lamely) co-opted tagging, and Ning has hypercomoditized it, (all with nary a microchunk of innovation in sight), let's ask - what's next?

Tagging is a big component of how Media 2.0 plays mediate new kinds of sociality. What's after tagging? Lots of people are looking (viz, tagyu), but I don't think there are any clearcut answers. Oh wait, actually I do, I just can't tell you :) !!

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// Blogger Author // 4:17 AM has history/diary for over a year or so, but they do not present it in a user friendly way. Since the Google Toolbar adoption is much higher, it could be different.

Also, amazon's other site ( too) have built up a huge community space just on the lines of tagging.

// Blogger OmShom // 4:18 AM

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