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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Folks, thanks for all your encouragement and suggestions in the last few days.

I have a pretty good idea where I'd like to take bubblegen in the near future. For some first steps, you can check out my new profiles page, where I will be sharing bits of my proprietary Web + Media 2.0 market map.

Thanks again, email responses are coming tonight, and stay tuned for bubblegen 2.0 :)

-- umair // 4:52 PM // 4 comments


Just a heads up that the profiles link you provided is linking to an invalid location. Great site, great content, great analysis!
// Blogger Mike Munroe // 7:14 PM

Great ! Waiting eagerly for bubblegene 2.0. Btw in my feed reader
I see Enron 2.0 written below the title, previously it used to be written, the economics & strategy of innovation. Is Enron 2.0 got anything to mean about bubblegen 2.0 :)
// Blogger Rajan // 3:10 AM

The profiles page seems to open fine in mozilla, it is IE that is leading to an invalid page.

Btw It is surprising to me that wondir (your pet fav) is not listed in reconstructor list.

// Blogger Rajan // 5:22 PM

hi umair,

I had sent a couple of mails to umairhaque AT gmail in the past few days and in your post you have mentioned email response tonight. I was hoping to get a reply but I did not get any so I was just wondering whether my mails reached you
or not :)

// Blogger Rajan // 2:46 AM

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