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Monday, October 10, 2005

Yahoo vs Google vs Yawn

Q: Why did Yahoo just launch podcasting search?

A: Because Google Reader threatens to qwn Yahoo's entire nascent micromedia initiatives; try it's Flash-based podcasting support to see what I mean.

Both are nice examples of the complementarity between mass and micromedia - you can, I think, for the first time begin to see how Web 2.0 techs lay the groundwork for an antirely new media ecosystem which is relevant to the mass market (ie, beyond geeks).

Q: Why am I yawning?

A: Because what the AV micromedia market really needs is a reconstructor. That is, a service that lets you microchunk podcasts, vlogs, etc. I've discussed this to death in the Valley, but no one seems to be stepping up to the plate...

-- umair // 11:16 PM // 1 comments


i imagine the technical complexity of what you're talking about, as well as the potential copyright nightmare, are keeping a lot of people away. but i agree it's needed, and hence it'll come soon enough.
// Blogger kid mercury // 2:41 AM

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