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Friday, November 18, 2005

Media 2.0 @ 1996

Phil tracked down this killer article which talk about Media 2.0 in 96. Highly, highly recommended - it is an excellent (and illuminating, even today) read.

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I do find this article very inspiring, and it lays out a crystal-clear vision. But again and again I wonder why these ideas didn't get more traction.

Of course, they're starting to be more widely accepted under the "web 2.0" umberella. And there were similar echoes in other smart people : Philip and Alex's Guide (especially ) and Dave Winer's "How to make money on the internet". Or even the phenomenon of sites like Slashdot, Kuru5hin etc.

But what stopped this stuff happening in the late 90s? Was it purely inertia and cluelessness of the mainstream media companies? Why couldn't mainstream media "dabble" in this space?

Why couldn't some startup have invaded? Think about the explosion in free, ad-supported webhosting like Tripod, GeoCities, FortuneCities, Angelfire etc. These should have been ready to carry the media 2.0 torch.

What happened?

In a strategic sense, why weren't the ideas disruptive or capable of invading the status quo in the late 90s?
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