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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Next Big Things - Stop the Tagging Edition

Just when you're convinced that the next 5 trillion plays you see are gonna be exactly the same thing (help me stop the tagging, won't you?), along comes something so retardedly cool, it's sure to be more than a little disruptive.

I think TIOTI is awesome, in ways that YouTube (etc) can never be (read: the social, efficient attention allocation, blah, BLAH, you know the score).

Why is it that all the cool stuff happens when I'm not in London?

Interestingly, TIOTI does something else the Valley's not - it's targeting a place in the media value chain. Imagine that.

I know, these days, in the Valley being a "media company" is something that's met with more than a little disdain. But guys, just like software, more often than not, it takes an ecosystem to help make new ventures successful. And like it or not, most new 2.0 plays are very squarely media plays - just like Google and Yahoo are.

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"retardedly cool"

We're gonna have to put that on the site somewhere. Hahaha.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:05 AM

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