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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Phil suggests Ning should become, essentially, middleware for quick'n'easy web dev.

Not a bad idea, but there are a few problems with this strategy.

1) The market is not huge
2) There are many (many) substitutes, most of which are open-source (=free)
3) Most of the end-user markets are winner-take-all markets; ie, there's not a huge gap for a Metafilter, in, say, finance - Mefi's already got it covered.
4) But the biggie is really that Ning is a layer commoditizer. Ning's bet is esentially the peer production/cheap coordination bet - that the core atomizes, and so value shifts to the edges of the value chain, and Ning will be able to grab a share (somehow). Positioning as middleware contradicts these economics.

Nice try, but I've gotta say, I'm still more than a little puzzled by Ning. Yeah, it's cool - if you're a geek.

But I have yet to be convinced that they have some insight into how to capture a share of the value they will create by atomizing their value chain.

And in fact, I have yet to hear anyone really suggest a model that would work for Ning...any takers?

The closest one I've heard so far, apart from Phil's, is that Ning becomes essentially an enterprise bet - infrastructure for players who want to make the Media 2.0 bet, but want to Ningify the whole thing.

And, in a long-standing Web 2.0 tradition, I have to say, I really, really dislike the name.

Guys, what is up with the names - Ning, Memeorandum, Jeteye (!). OK, at least they're not corporate - but they don't exactly roll off the tongue, trigger any kind of evocative associations, or even sound remotely cool. Take a cue from - it's complicated, but it works.

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I don't like "memeorandum" either. Serious suggestions in this spot are welcomed!
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:42 PM

^ above by Gabe of memeorandum
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:42 PM

Infectious Meme
Meme Soup
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:12 AM

numbers are hot. for example.

easy to use on a celphone
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:57 PM

response :
// Blogger Composing // 8:57 PM

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