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Friday, November 18, 2005

Politics of the Day

Is it just me, or is the right in America now something beyond radical - hyperradical; something like an absurd caricature of Big Brother meets Bozo the Clown?

Check this out:

"...Keep a sharp eye on fresh developments in both Canada and Cuba, two countries with rogue, corrupt and repressive regimes that don't know when to cut their losses and leave town."

Canada and Cuba? Last time I checked, my repub buddies in the States didn't think Canada was a "corrupt and repressive regime". Maybe a little too permissive, and with better looking women. But "repressive"?

I understand that people on the right pride themselves on faith, not "reality", but isn't this just a wee bit much for any sane human whose brains have not been reduced to the consistency of ketchup by countless hours of guys like James Dobson to believe? Oh, wait...

-- umair // 12:57 AM // 2 comments


"Big Brother meets Bozo the Clown"

I'm afraid Bozo is becoming more like Pennywise from King's "IT"

The extreme right seems mortally terrified of Canada's more permissive, and in some ways more open and free, culture.

While the "corrupt" accusation is wildly hypocritical, the "repressive" accusation is just plain double-speak: free is repressed, strength is weakness, black is white and wrong is right.

// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:38 PM

The only thing repressive about Canada is we have to live so close to people who write garbage like this.

Repressive??? I think repression involves teaching children that creationism is a scientific theory. Repression is occupying a soveriegn country on false pretenses.

The corrupt government is harder to argue with. The liberals have been up to some pretty shady things. That's not the point. The point is they are being held accountable for their actions. Compare this to GWB and his crew of idiots. If the Canadian liberals are corrupt for inappropriately spending money to maintain the unity of our country, then there isn't a word in the english dictionary to describe the republicans. Everything to do with them stinks of corruption, from the CIA leak, to the WMDs, to the Saddam trial, to the puppet Iraqi government. Haliburton, haliburton, haliburton.
// Blogger dhd // 9:17 PM

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