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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Property Rights 2.0

I've been arguing for a very loooong time that what the network economy needs is an entirely new kind of property right - one that's grounded in network econ. Clearly, copyright isn't.

I've been advising clients to focus on viral revenue sharing - chains of prosumers redistributing revenues to one another.

The problem is that these chains are hard to operationalize. We don't have good infrastructure to viralize revenue sharing.

Or do we?

Here's a very (very) interesting example:

"...If you have a Google Adsense account, you have the unique opportunity to share in the ad revenue generated on the site. This is offered as a "thank you" for being a member of our community! By entering your Adsense Client ID, your own Google ads will have a chance to show up on threads that you have participated in when other members are browsing the site. "

(Via PlatformWars).

-- umair // 6:43 PM // 4 comments


Your human license was a terrific concept in the assigning property rights in the digital space.

But activities around it got suspended.
// Blogger Rajan // 2:09 AM

I was trying to tell you about Weed too (
// Blogger Composing // 7:48 PM

I wonder if the very dynamics of the web today can defeat the need for top-down revenue sharing arrangements. In web 1.0 you could have a homepage but not get any of the related ad revenue � today, you get to keep the ad sense revenue from your blog. (See my related post)
// Blogger Salman FF // 8:04 PM


Activity got suspended due to attention scarcity from me (get the awesomely lame joke).


Thanks for the tip - I actually discussed Weedshare quite a bit when i began thinking about this stuff in 03-04ish.


That's true, but it's only a first degree redistribution. As the value of stuff traded across the net grows, so nth degree redistribution will become more and more valuable...

...That's really the point of viral chains; getting beyond first degree stuff (which even the most 1.0 of 1.0 business models are set up to deal with)
// Blogger umair // 9:09 AM

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