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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Apparently oil industry execs aren't being sworn in:

"...Senate Commerce Chairman Ted Stevens rejected calls by some Democrats to have the executives sworn in, saying the law already required them to tell the truth."


Whose ideas was this? Certainly, not the politicians'. So I think it's pretty clear who's calling the shots here.

And having politicians obey the whims of industry so transparently can cause a kind of economics chain reaction.

You might wanna recall that (how can I say this) cronyism makes capital go to all the wrong places, which makes really nasty things happen; like Japan's decade-long funk, or many of the Asian crises in general.

-- umair // 7:18 PM // 2 comments


Well maybe we could save some money on the budget by just firing the senators and letting the oil companies' lobbyists write the laws from now on. Outsource the corruption.
// Blogger chad // 12:02 AM

Ha ha.

Outsource the corruption!!

That is a hilariously cool idea, nice one.
// Blogger umair // 9:00 AM

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