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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Trillion Dollar Web 2.0 Matrix

Nivi has come up with The Trillion Dollar Web 2.0 Matrix, which I am abbreviating to the $$$!!. It's about creating value in search. He thinks there's a trillion bucks of value in this matrix (and he's only half-kidding :).

It's got peer produced stuff on the Y axis (OPML, RSS, blog posts, links, etc), and the scope of these inputs on the X axis (just yours, you + your friends, your community's, everyones, etc).

It's a nice way to organize thinking in this space, although I think there's a fair bit of definitional confusion in the axes.

We sat down for a few minutes last week to try and fill it in, and soon discovered it was a lot harder than it looked. Nivi's opened it up for everyone to take a crack at, so, if check out the $$$!! and help kick off a discussion around it.

-- umair // 7:29 PM // 2 comments


Beyond search, you can use user-generated content to determine the media you consume (e.g. news) and the messages you receive (e.g. email, IM).
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:13 AM

Good post, Umair...

Would you think Yahoo! is "less efficient" because they have a lot more robust array of services whereas Google is still trying to get into the game beyond search?

And what happens as Google gets hundreds of millions of users into each of the services like mail, IM, etc.

Does their marketplace become less efficient because the points of intersections have to occur in a lot more vertical service silos?

// Blogger Michael Parekh // 3:21 AM

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