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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Problems With Microchunking, pt 1

Apparently, Web Clips = totally pointless and irrelevant microchunks of content (and about 5% ads) in my Gmail inbox.

Do I really want to read an Emerson quote of the day? No! I think Emerson sucked; YMMV.

And that's exactly the point. This is very interesting (uhh, very lame) because, like I keep pointing out, Google is not an attention allocator; that threatens its very essence - it is an information organizer.

-- umair // 2:55 AM // 3 comments



Great article, as always.

I wonder if you would briefly also tell us (draw out the line between) information organizer and attention allocator.

Could you classify an example for me? (or perhaps choose something different that makes a better example). Let's say I have a book. In the back of this book, there's an index. Is that an information organizer, or an attention allocator?


// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:09 AM

Interesting observation. Can you point us to a post(s) on your blog in which you elaborate on the distinction between attention allocators and information organizers?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:56 PM

i love cool terms that invoke thought. it is interesting to see a simple term like clips become prevalent because i am addicted to which i believe are the information organizer and have the potential to become an amazing attention allocator. wondering if u agree? if interested in what i 'clip' just click on my name in the post....
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:14 AM

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