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Monday, January 23, 2006


Folks, I have very little blogging time these days, and I know I'm missing many of the developments that interest you most. So please feel free to comment here on anything interesting you'd like me to talk about that I haven't.

More comment responses to follow as time permits - if you have a burning issue, point, argument, etc, comment here to get an answer first.

-- umair // 10:29 PM // 5 comments


Hi umair,

You had promised a detailed post on symbologies & net extender :)
// Blogger Rajan // 6:29 PM

Here's a question, "Have Google AdSense jumped the shark?"

Now obviously it's a huge business and one I use to fund about 5% of my company's revenues, but when I see a site like, with google adsense right on the front page, I immediately think "cheap". It's not just that they've got another company's name (a competitor, no less) in the top left corner of their page, it's also that the ads are only somewhat relevent for most sites' front pages and they just look... crappy.

Google needs to offer a different tier of ads which are more appropriate for certain situations, such as front pages and whatnot.

And startups need to resist monetizing every last page when they're still trying to gain prestige.

My 2 cents.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:43 PM

An unbranded, more flexibly styled AdSense would be very attractive to lots of people I'm sure. I know we ( would like such an offering. Make it available to sites with a minimum hit-rate perhaps?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:57 PM

You can get almost total style flex with adsense, just ask your rep about it. You aren't allowed to take the google name off, I don't think, but you can do a lot with the look, feel, and positioning.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:02 PM

The most interesting disparity on the Net is between Google's Ad revenues and MySpaces. What is (or should be) MySpace's edge competency? What would you do if you were them?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:43 AM

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