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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Attention Wars

As attention scarcity tunes decision-makers in to attention economics and strategy, an emerging theme in 2006 will be Attention Wars erupting across industries, like Replication Wars marked 03-05. Case in point: Craigslist vs the world.

-- umair // 11:35 PM // 4 comments


While I don't disagree with your broader point, reports of Craigslist blocking search spiders turned out to be false:
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:33 AM

I posted on this topic. I'm planning on doing some more later on. I think the Attention Wars will be one of the defining events of this year and probably for the next few years.
// Blogger Unknown // 8:07 PM


Did you see the Wired article about how Lego invited "citizen designers" to develop its latest Mindstorm robots? Definitely seems like they're starting to understand the importance of peer production, the rising of the edge etc. I blogged it earlier today.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:33 PM

Here's a blog post by David Schatsky of Jupiter Research on media fragmentation. It's funny to read his somewhat confused solutions. Am I correct in thinking his framework for analysis is lacking?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:45 AM

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