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Friday, January 13, 2006

Brand Errors

So is it just me, or is "MacBook Pro" just a really bad name? I don't feel it - it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue; but more to the point, it's a bit contradictory, no?

-- umair // 11:02 AM // 3 comments


In my opinion, Apple is doing the right thing. The notebook needs to be a Mac, not a PowerBook or an iBook. And the iBook new name I believe that will be MacBook.
// Blogger Emerson // 12:31 PM

MacBook Pro sounds (to me) like cheap word-processing software from 1997.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:42 PM

Yeah, it's a clunky name. I suppose their analysis went something like, "we've got to continue the SOMETHINGbook pattern, but also be different enough there's a clear break to the Intel architecture, but still assure people these aren't just destined to have Windows XP/x86 Linux installed on them." Contradictory impulses == contradictory, clunky name.

Those who expected Apple never to embrace Intel can think of it as the pigsfliBook.
// Blogger Gordon Mohr // 7:58 PM

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