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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bubblegen vs Apple

Hey, look, Clay Christensen also thinks Apple's about to blow it (except I made the argument almost a year ago).

-- umair // 8:30 AM // 2 comments


When rumors of Apple's iPod and iTunes started circulating I told friends that Apple was going to create an integrated music experience with iPod, that it would succeed because Apple would think powerfully about ease of use and features, but that once the service was more mature Apple would lose control to many other competitors, likely powered by Microsoft DRM, because Apple would try to control all elements of their system, which works when it's immature, but sucks when the features are well understood and established. Do Clayton and you owe me royalties for my earlier observation?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:00 AM


Don't be such a lawyer (royalties!?).

In fact, if you really made that argument before iTunes, maybe you shouldn't be a lawyer at all.
// Blogger umair // 3:45 AM

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