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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cultural Wasteland, pt 1341

If you're a teen, and you're going to clubs made for teens, I think it's safe to say you should just stay home.

This is such a lame idea, I'm in awe. It takes a kind of genius to come up with something this wack.

Could there be a less cool thing to do as a teen than go to a teen club, instead of trying to get into a real club?

In fact, if these guys understood their industry, they'd know that there's already a market for them - some clubs essentially cater to teens (legalities aside).

Talk about a dominated strategy.

-- umair // 3:39 AM // 6 comments


Umair - i'm a San Francisco teen and entrepreneur.

I would normally agree with this take (teens want to do what adults do, not what teens are supposed to do) except that when it comes to "going on" and partying, the options are slim. No one wants to say they're sitting at home doing nothing, or just wandering around the streets. Somewhere is better than nowhere, even if it's a club FOR teens.
// Blogger Ben Casnocha // 6:45 AM

Hey Ben,

I was a teen growing up in the States not too long ago.

I agree with you, growing up in the States is vastly boring for a lot of kids - that's why I called the post Cultural Wasteland!!

That said, me and my pals ended up illicitly spending our teenage years at clubs I don't think the options are *really* that slim if you know where to look.
// Blogger umair // 7:37 AM

Back in the late 90s there was this whole rave movement that got teens out. To bad the scene caught the attention of Washington with the sex, drugs, and techno.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:55 AM

Hi Dad...uhhh, shouldn't you be on the beach!!
// Blogger umair // 8:07 AM

Umair - I'm not sure what generation you consider yourself part of...but my generation ("Gen Y"??) follows the rules more than any other generation before us. We get along better w/ our parents, volunteer more, and overall rebel much less. Drug use is down, unplanned pregnancies are down. Sure, illicit activities are part of the game for most, but we're much more inclined to try to FOLLOW the rules (in an endless quest to "be succesful") than break them. That's why i don't see htis club strategy that stupid.

I'm in the Cole Valley/Haight Ashbury.
// Blogger Ben Casnocha // 11:52 PM

Mark my words, it will end in tears...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:57 AM

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