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Monday, January 23, 2006


A nice, thoughtful article in the LRB about Google, sans gushing, sans hype.

"...The best historical analogy for where Google is today probably comes from the time when the railroads were being built. Everyone knew that trains and railways would change the world, but no one predicted the invention of suburbs. Google, and the increased flow of information on which it rides and from which it benefits, is the railway. I don�t think we�ve yet seen the first suburbs"

1) Please, can we stop using the railroad analogy.

2) The suburbs are being built...think communities.

-- umair // 9:00 PM // 1 comments


Spot-on ... and exactly why GOOG should be < $300 by year's end. At the risk of being repetitive (here) ... GOOG owns the URL, but what happens when the internet moves beyond the (URL) browser (as it currently is) ?
// Blogger Unknown // 9:23 PM

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